The two warring factions in South Sudan were scheduled to make direct discussions on Saturday to bring about an end to the conflict that has the nation moving ever closer to an all-out civil war. On Friday, the army forces moved in on Bor, an oil-rich region of South Sudan that was under control by rebel forces, as negotiation teams from both sides met for discussions in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Control over Bor, in particular, has already changed hands three times in the few weeks since fighting began.
Fears that the rebels would be moving to attack the capital of Juba were allayed as leader of the rebel movement and ex-Vice President, Riek Machar, made a statement to Britain’s Telegraph that his forces would withhold the attack on Juba in hope of achieving a “negotiated settlement.”
The peace talks appear to be making progress on opening a dialogue between the two factions. Ethiopian foreign minister Tedros Adhanom posted on his Twitter feed, “We just finished the first round of proxy talks with both negotiating teams of South Sudan. Will proceed to direct talks tomorrow.”
These negotiations will be extremely crucial in securing a stable environment for the South Sudanese civilians who have been affected greatly by the outbreak of violence. With regional leaders mediating the discussions and the entire world carefully watching their progress, the peace talks have a decent chance of achieving a positive result for the young nation.

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