South Sudan is still facing a violent uprising that has thrown the country into chaos and threatens to halt the rapid strides in development it has taken over the past few years. After a conflict between factions of the South Sudanese Army forces on December 15th 2013, the situation quickly evolved into a much larger scale of fighting and civil unrest. So far, civilian casualties have been heavy and over quarter of a million people have been displaced and are seeking shelter.

This comes at a critical time in the young nation’s development, just as it was beginning to gain attention as an investment destination in the South African region. The start of December saw South Sudan host an International Investment Forum to promote business opportunities and avenues for investment in the country.

South Sudan was also beginning to stabilize its oil production levels after a period of shutdown, although this may once again be disrupted by the current situation. Rebels had gained control over some of the key oil-producing states in South Sudan, although the latest reports say that the army has won back control in most states.

This situation has left large numbers of foreign nationals who came to South Sudan on business stranded in the country. Some of these are delegates and government officials of other countries, while others are business professionals who are tied to the significant investments they have already made in the region.

During this period, Hotel Asante will be able to offer aid workers, business owners, delegates and other foreign nationals who are stranded in South Sudan with a safe and comfortable place to stay. Certified by the United Nations Security and Safety Standards, our premises will keep you reassured about your safety at all times, while being comfortable enough to ensure a smooth transition through this period of instability. We also offer our guests transport to and from the airport free of charge, and are located a short distance from the Juba International Airport.

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