South Sudan 2014 Aid Appeal Posted March 16, 2015


The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Human Affairs recently published the following infographic summarizing the funding that would be required for the humanitarian effort in South Sudan.

For a short-term response to the current crisis, an estimated $209 million in funding will be required, of which $43 million (21%) had been provided at the time of the report. More recent figures, however, show that $109 million has been reached in terms of short-term funding, bringing it up to nearly 50% of the goal. For a long-term solution to the conflict, though, an estimated figure of $1.1 billion is needed, and this figure can significantly increase if the current ceasefire does not result in a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

Breaking down this short-term requirement, a majority of it ($61 million) is needed for the food security and livelihood of displaced citizens. Logistics will require approximately $24 million, although this figure can increase as the monsoon season begins and areas become flooded. This coming monsoon can also have an effect on the amount needed to provide shelter, which is currently estimated at $13 million. Around $18 million will be needed for camp management, as refugee camps are currently overpopulated and civilians are afraid to return to their homes.


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